gavinsrayHi and welcome to our web site! These bottles are made for Gavin Ray born with HLHS. You can read more about Gavin on the next page “Gavin’s Ray of Hope”.

Our bottle lights are now on display at A Borgata on Hwy 285 at the corridor just before Conifer. “At the Stop4Gas” intersection. Call 303-653-6422 and ask for “Penny”.

We will also will be doing three craft shows at Adams County Fairgrounds in Henderson, CO. Oct 5th, Nov 9th and 10th and Dec 14th and 15th. Please stop by hand say “Hello!”.

These bottle lights are all hand made from various wine and liquor bottles or any kind of glass bottle.  Drilled in the back with a bushing so the cord is not on the glass. They make great night lights and unique gifts! They passed all fire safety standards and can decorate any room.

We have over 500 lights made up and can do special requests. LED lights can be used for a small additional charge. Each bottle comes with a mini lamp shade to match the bottle and each bottle has a personalized collar to match the characters.

Some of the children’s lights are Dora, Cars, Sponge Bob, Spiderman, Superman, Ninja Turtles Hello Kitty and all the Disney Character’s. They come with colored lights and mini lamp shade.gavinsrayofhopebottle

Novelty Lights are so unique they can decorate any room and made for any age. Bob Marley, Iron Maiden, Grateful Dead, Star Wars and Star Trek.  Liquor bottles with the label on and shade to match can also be done. Crown Royal has the original bag made into a lamp shade and can decorate any bar. Very Unique!!! Also have Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Johnny Walker, Bombay Sapphire and many more! NFL and Harley Davidson. All with custom made lamp shades!

Unique Gifts for all ages.